Monday, September 27, 2010

"Unstoppable Once Airborn"

A Dream Come True for Spicer

If you had the chance to witness the 6’6’’ power forward showcase in action, “unstoppable once airborn” would probably best describe this power forward’s skyrocket ability.

Yet, the phrase is not limited to former Rogers State University Hillcat, Sylvester Spicer’s production on the court; it only extends in his opportunity of achieving the basketball career he has worked hard for.

“After my last game at RSU, all I could see myself doing is overseas basketball,” said Spicer.

The Dallas native spent most of his summer living in Skiatook, Okla. putting in overtime with his former Oral Roberts University teammate Mickey Michalec.

“Just about everyday, I worked out three times a day… 5am, 9am and noon.”

After word was announced on former RSU teammate, Lance Sullivan of signing pro, some were curious about when Spicer would make his professional leap.

Along with the help of an agent, Spicer was in search of the right team that would best escalate his basketball career.

As of August 20, 2010 Spicer became a professional basketball player for the team of Elitzur Ramla BC of Ramla, Israel.

Spicer says coming from a NAIA, he wasn’t being looked at as a top player. Already scoring 17 points and grabbing 10 rebounds in his recent scrimmage, the 225 lb solid beast is looking to prove otherwise going into his rookie season.

Through out his three years at Rogers State, Spicer has experienced highs and lows while managing to come out on top on the hardwood.

“His ability to persevere on the floor, he has a strong work ethic when it comes to the game of basketball and the ability to finish plays, “ said RSU head basketball coach, Justin Barkley.

“His strength and his athleticism is something he has been blessed with and if he continues to work hard on the intangibles of the game, he’ll have an opportunity to play for quite a while, said Barkley.”

Now overseas, the dominant force in the paint, is doing what he loves best and also enjoying the fruits of his labor.

“Being in Israel is fun, I’m loving it! I have learned a couple words now and still learning,” said Spicer. “My team is full of great guys who looks to be a potential champion team this year.”

To all recent RSU teammates and future Hillcats looking to follow Spicer‘s footsteps, he has a bit of advice to share.

“It’s all about dedication and connections! Play hard, smart, and together. Put up good numbers and have someone in your corner to help you get to where you are trying to go.”

Spicer’s pro season is set to kick off Oct. 5.

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